Posted on: July 23, 2010 1:50 am
Edited on: July 23, 2010 1:57 am

The Truth about Malcom Floyd

Floyd put up nearly 800yds last season (776) and that was WITH Vincent Jackson playing the entire season. Most importantly, his targets and receptions increased dramatically during the season. Floyd had 43% of his targets and 42% of his receptions in the last 4 games of the season; Nearly half his production in the last 1/4 of a season. That's huge.

Now, on top of that, factor in the following:

a) His end-of-season production wasn't a fluke or a 'spurt', it was steady progression that started after Chambers was traded to KC (after week 8).
BEFORE CHAMBERS: Floyd averaged 2.9 targets, 1.6 receptions, 35.9yds per game.
  AFTER CHAMBERS: Floyd averaged 6.2 targets, 3.8 receptions, 58.3yds per game (58.3yds/game over 16 games = 933yds. And remember, this was all WITH VJack playing).

b) Floyd’s reception percentage is close to VJack’s (60% vs 65%).

c) Floyd had an insane 17.2ypc in 2009

d) The week Floyd blew up w/ 140yds (wk17) is the same week VJack did not play (wk17). That’s a positive indication of what Floyd's production might look like w/o VJack).

e) San Diego WRs have the 3rd-to-6th easiest schedule this season (depending on who you ask), and it should stay that way for several years.

f) Floyd still had a total of 76 targets in 2009. Again, this was with Vjack on the field.

g) Dynasty implication: He took a major step forward last year. He's a huge target. He'll only be 29 at the start of this season....He has 3-5yrs of playing time ahead of him.

QUESTION 1: So, what's going to happen when Vjack is not on the field?
ANSWER: Vjack's 116 targets (from 2009) have to go somewhere.  Floyd should get approx 25-30 of those targets. That should put Floyd between 95 - 105 targets in 2010 (he may have reached that total anyways playing a full season as WR2). Assuming he stays healthy and his reception rate and ypc hold steady (60%; 17ypc), he should log somewhere around 55-65 receptions, 925-1050yds, and probably 3-6 TDs. Not quite VJack numbers, but still an awesome value.  

QUESTION 2: What happens if Vjack grows up, signs a conract, and hits the field in week 4?
ANSWER: Floyd will still likely post 900+yds for the season. He was on pace for that kind of production for the second half of 2009, and (not to beat a dead horse here), that was with VJack still on the field.
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